Cómo un artista digital utilizó el Chat GPT para crear una moneda meme de $50 millones de dólares.

$TURBO, a meme cryptocurrency created by artist Rhett Dashwood (AKA Mankind) with a $69 budget and the help of ChatGPT, has seen a rise in popularity and market cap, currently standing at $50 million. Mankind used AI tools to come up with a name, backstory, and logo for the coin, and then asked ChatGPT to help him write the code for the project. After a failed launch, Mankind crowdfunded the project and rebranded it as $TURBO. The project has gained attention from artists and received a major boost from well-known Web3 collector Pranksy, reaching a $1 million market cap in the first 48 hours of the new launch. Mankind is now considering decentralizing the project. The success of $TURBO highlights the potential for innovation and unexpected good in the Web3 space.

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