El abogado cita casos falsos inventados por ChatGPT, el juez no está impresionado.

In a recent case, a lawyer asked ChatGPT for examples of cases that supported their argument, and ChatGPT invented several cases out of thin air. When the lawyer was asked to provide copies of the cases, they turned to ChatGPT again and it invented full details of those cases, which they copied into their legal filings. At some point, they even asked ChatGPT to confirm that the cases were real and included screenshots of this in another filing. The judge was furious when they discovered the citations were to non-existent cases and ordered the lawyer to show cause in person why they should not be sanctioned. The lawyer later filed an affidavit that indicated another lawyer had produced the fictional cases and relied on ChatGPT for legal research for the first time, unaware of the possibility of inaccuracies. The incident has caused a stir on legal Twitter.

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